Review of the vineyard data quantification society and the european association of wine economist

In vino qualitas: climate change e ects on Italian wine production

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Year: 2012
Authors: Luciano Canova (Enrico Mattei School, Italy); Giovanni Marini (Enrico Mattei School, Italy); Maria Chernyavskaya (Enrico Mattei School, Italy); Michele Dallari (Enrico Mattei School, Italy)

In viticulture, climate conditions prove to be a crucial driver in what regards quality of vintages.

Understanding to what extent the predicted variability of these parameters could aff ect wine production in the future, creates ground for efficient assessment of appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures and guarantees the further sound development of wine industry. Our study analyzes the relationship between meteo-climatic conditions expressed by Huglin Index and precipitation during growing season- and wine ratings of the three of the most representative Italian Wines, namely Amarone, Barolo and Brunello. Resulting coefficients of a panel data regression are used in a dynamic model aimed at forecasting the quality of harvests through to 2050.

Published in Review Enometrica, March 2012