Review of the vineyard data quantification society and the european association of wine economist

Enterprises and markets of quality wines:

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Year: 2009
Authors: Francesco Marangon (University of Udine); Stefania Troiano (University of Udine); Gian Pietro Zaccomer (University of Udine)

The international market of wine has been characterized by growing competition, expecially in recent years. Wine is one of the main agroalimentary products for Italian export. In this context, the study aims to identify the role of quality wine, which is strongly linked to the geographical location. To face increasing competition and consumers demand evolution it seems to be strategic the improvement of typical products, such as quality wines. All strategies used by wine producers to enhance the relationship between their product and local territory seem to be useful. In this paper we will analyse the chosen data set. The data were collected by quality wine producers that are partner of a Consortium, that safeguards and attests the quality of wine production. In order to study the data we used descriptive statistics and the twostep cluster analysis technique of SPSS. The information we collected was sufficient to construct a market segmentation model and to analyse the importance of local identity to typical products. We observed the importance of Consortium to wine producers. At the same time, we noted that only bigger wine producers hope for the development of territorial brand and the cooperation among several stakeholders.

Published in Review Enometrica, September 2009