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Global warming and its consequences on the Beaune vineyards

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Year: 2008
Authors: Malika Madelin (University of Burgundy); Jean-Pierre Chabin (University of Burgundy); Cyril Bonnefoy (University of Burgundy)

The consequences of global warming are observed in many vineyards yielding sooner development stages and changes in the alcohol concentration and acidity.
In this paper we will discuss recent data regarding global warming in Burgundy and we will describe its effects on the Beaune vineyards. We will show for instance that the warming in Burgundy, particularly strong since the end of the 1980's, yield a signi cant precocity of the date of the main phenological stages, a shortening of the bud burst - maturity and a shift of the key periods for the grapevine.
This study will also rely on a comparison of two representative sites of the Beaune vineyards, the first one located on the Côte (Beaune), the other one located in the Hautes Côtes (La Rochepot). Finally, we will discuss the possible impacts of a change in the wine typicité on the geographic repartition and on the qualitative hierarchy of the vineyards.

Published in Review Enometrica, September 2008