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Wine Roads in the Development of Rural Tourism of North Western Croatia: Medjimurje Wine Road as Good Practice Example

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Year: 2011
Authors: Damir Demonja (Institute for International Relations, Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies,Croatia); Rebeka Mesaric' Zabcic (Institute for International Relations, Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies,Croatia)

Regarding the importance of speci fic segments of rural tourism, this article will analyze one example of good practice of Croatian continental wine roads, the Medjimurje Wine Road, its sustainability following its design/structure and implementation, until today, with an emphasis on inclusion and "coexistence" with heritage in the broadest sense (the culture of wine consumption, wine cellars, wine tasting, old crafts, gastronomy, tradition of the researched area, etc.).
The article will also analyze the achieved results of the Medjimurje Wine Road, which can be used to develop this segment of rural tourism in other Croatian areas. Finally, the processed experiences will be extracted in terms of recommendations, guidelines for the promotion and development of the wine roads as one of the most important aspects of Croatian continental rural tourism.