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Strategic Perspectives for the Tokaj Wines and Wine Tourism - The Case of the Budapest International Wine Festival

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Year: 2011
Authors: Zoltán Szabaó (Szent István University, Hungary); István Fehér (Szent István University, Hungary); József Lehota (Szent István University, Hungary); Anikó Gergely (Szent István University, Hungary); Zsuzsanna Széles (Szent István University, Hungary)

Wine tourism is one of the most important ways to introduce wines to the consumers. It is an eff ective method to improve wine culture. Tokaj is one of the leading wine regions in Hungary and has a great role to strengthen the image of the domestic wines though the concepts of wine marketing elements. The Tokaj producers have great responsibility - just like the other Hungarian wine producers - to re-engineer wine culture, quality wine consumption and increase the role of wine events. Wine tourism as an outstanding wine marketing element contains wine festivals and wine fairs that are able to aff ect the entire wine culture positively and influencing the next generation's wine consuming behaviour.
The paper shows the role of Hungary's largest and most important wine festival in the Hungarian wine culture. We describe the consumers coming to the Festival, the information channels and how satis ed the domestic and foreign visitors are. The paper is based on a continuous research work between 2004-2010 analysing more than 2,500 questionnaires and secondary data between 1999 and 2003.

Published in Review Enometrica, September 2011